Vision and Mission


To be the top insurance company.


Promote maximum values complying with the principles of good governance for all stakeholders: Shareholders, Customers, Employees, Business Partners, and Society.*

Core Values
  1. Devote to Service Excellence
  2. Committed to Moral Principles and Good Governance
  3. Respect for Values of the People
  4. Engrossed in Corporate Harmony Cohesion


Dhipaya Insurance Public Company Limited engages in the following business activities.

  1. Non-life insurance business comprises of four major classes: Fire Insurance, Marine Insurance, Motor Insurance and Miscellaneous Insurance.
  2. Investment business: the Company is able to conduct investment business activities as regulated by the Non-Life Insurance Act under the control of the Office of Insurance Commission. The Company can invest its surplus fund from its insurance business in different forms such as deposit with financial institutions, promissory notes, government bonds, and in short and long-term securities.

Fire Insurance

Fire insurance provides protection against the loss or damage caused by fire, lightning and explosion from gas which is used as fuel in cooking. Protection against damages from causes not covered by fire insurance policy including floods, earthquakes, hail and windstorms could be purchased for additional cover. Insured properties can be divided into buildings, furniture, fixtures and fitting, stock of products, machineries and others. Excluded properties according to the conditions of the policy include money, silver ornaments, silver bullion, gold bullion, gold ornaments, gems, original or copies of documents, plans, layouts, drawings, designs, patterns, blocks and moulds, postage stamps, revenue stamps, cheque, business documents, antiques or art works valued in excess of Baht 10,000. The fire insurance policy can be divided into fire insurance for homes and dwelling; and general fire insurance.

Marine Insurance

Marine insurance provides protection for insured properties against the damage or loss of properties including goods, hulls and transporters’ liability during both international and domestic transit. The damages or losses may be caused by natural disasters or accidents such as sinking of vessel, a vessel running aground, collision, explosion on board and fires. Transportation includes sea, water, inland, and air transport.

Motor Insurance

Motor insurance provides protection against damage or loss of insured vehicles due to natural disasters or accidents. Motor Insurance can be divided into two categories.

Core Values
  1. Compulsory Motor Insurance under the Road Victim Protection Act B.E. 2535 which is enforced to all fuel engine and electric vehicles. The insurance will provide indemnity for death, loss of limbs or disability for the amount as specified in the Act.
  2. Voluntary Motor Insurance provides protection against loss of life and medical expenses for insured vehicle driver, passengers and third-party (additional to Compulsory Motor Insurance protection). The protection covers third-party’s property including the insured vehicle in case of natural disasters or accidents.

Miscellaneous Insurance

Miscellaneous Insurance provides protection against injury to persons and damage to properties not covered by the three classes of insurance mentioned above. Miscellaneous Insurance can be divided into three categories.

Core Values
  1. Personal insurance such as personal accident insurance and travel accident insurance.
  2. Property insurance such as money insurance, burglary insurance, machinery insurance, aviation insurance, petrochemical and energy insurance and all other risks insurance.
  3. Third party liability insurances such as professional indemnity insurance and product liability insurance.